viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

First Kill la Kill episode aviable in english

Yesterday, before going to the bed, I watched the first episode of Kill la Kill in english dub.

Why I write this entry in english? Well, in one hand I want to practise a little and in the other if you are not interested in watching the Kill la Kill english dub it makes no sense to read this entry.

So, going to my opinion over the voices, well, they weren´t as bad as I feared watching the trailer. It´s normal to get grinded when you hear the new one´s after having heard the original ones, but while the chapter have gone on they have gone sounding better to me.

Yeah, they aren´t as good as the original, but that´s the usual in these cases, and more taking account of how awesome were the original ones.

If you are an english speaker or you are interested in practising your listening watching one of your favourites shows you can do it HERE and HERE.

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